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Custom Videos

Online Script and Storyboard

Outline Script

We liase with you to establish exact video objective (you complete a short ‘Video Brief Form’ and we give you a call when suits you via Skype or landline / cell).

We then develop a clear message and send you an outline script for your approval.

Final Proposed Script

You get back to us regarding any changes you require in the script. We amend and send back to you for approval.

Online Script and Storyboard

Visuals That Catch The Eye

We produce videos that are entertaining, informative and engaging. In order to keep your video costs down we use a streamlined production process that involves using a vast customisable illustration library. If you are looking to commission bepsoke images / characters / scenes we can do that as part of ‘2D Animation-The Works’ package. In most cases, our standard offerings proves to be anything but standard!

Audio (Pro Voiceover and Music)

Based on your requirements we select a voiceover artist and send this to you with the finished video along with background music and/or sound effects. At this stage, if you’d perhaps like a different voiceover artist we will happily send you you samples of Voiceover artists to choose from: (Male/Female/ American, Canadian, English etc.). We will then record the new voiceover and add this to your production at no additional fee. Custom music and custom music logos (corporate music) are available at an additional cost.


Promote / Advertise

Free Tailored Video Marketing Suggestion Document, Tips & Special Offers.



We create visuals that are entertaining, informative and engaging.

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